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The Fish House of North Hills

Granite counter tops? Old news. Viking appliances? Seen it, been done. Fish aquarium in your floor? Now we're talking! This North Hills home has quietly come on the market with little fan fare, but that's only because nobody has taken notice that the home doubles as your own private Sea World. Where else but in a James Bond movie are you going to see an aquarium that snakes through your house, ending only inches from your fireplace. From the realtor description:

House features in-ground fish tank, occupancy one bedroom guest house, pending carport, beautifully landscaped backyard with palm trees, pool, spa and seemingly endless lawn. The 1954 built home also features four bedrooms and three baths, in addition to the fish tank. Retail Price: $909,500.
· 8520 WOODLEY Avenue, North Hills, CA 91343 [Homesby]