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The Fruits of Gentrification

A poster on the downtownlalife listserv reports that he is being kicked out of his downtown abode thanks to a condo conversion. As he is forced to move, he's also forced to shed some possessions. Some amazing possessions which makes the inner-hipster in us go all squishy inside. Hot tamales! The poor gent writes:

My building was sold, and is being converted to condos. After 20 years downtown, it looks like I'll be moving on, just as everyone is moving in. I am having a studio sale on Jan 27 and have placed everything online at Among the items for sale, a 10-foot wide U-shaped white vinyl restaurant booth; a Vintage 1945 Auto-Photo Booth, Fully Restored; an antique coke machine; some kind of weird tube light thing; and much, much more. The sale is January 27 between 11am and 3pm. Dibs on the photo booth.