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We Got Yr Flickr Right 'Ere

Due to overwhelming demand of readers, editor types and the crazy voices in our head, we have launched our group Flickr account for Curbed LA. Flickr is what all the cool kids are using these days to share photos.

Please feel free to share your photos with us by following these uncomplicated steps. 1) Upload a picture to Flickr. You should probably have an account. They're free. Go here to sign up. 1b) It's also a good idea to have a digital camera and a connecting wire to your computer. 2) Tag the picture with useful info, including the place it was taken. 3) Join our Group by going here and where it asks "Would you like to join this group?", click that, and then click "Join this Group". 4) Then, apparently, in your Flickr account, when you have a pic you'd like to share with us, you click "Send to Group" in that toolbar thing above the individual picture. 5) Through the magic of the Interweb your picture is quickly processed into our group account.

We're looking for pictures related to development, design, architecture and real estate. We're also interested in sexy pictures of architects.

If you have any questions, please email co-editor Marissa. She used to work at Best Buy and loves to help people.