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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses:

The week has blown by, and while most of you chimed in about Beverly Grove and its ancient residents, we had other questions. Some of them we even answered. Questions for next week are welcome by email at Thanks.

1) Beverly Grove: The Beverly Connection is stuck. It's stuck in the 80s due to people in their 80s populating the area. Something like that. You all provide decent info, but the word is the residential portion of the project is tied up in litigation (so say the commenters). Oh yeah, we also learn old people smell and drool.

2) Marina del Rey: No confirmation of Trader Joe's in the new development at Admiralty & Palawan. Buck up, kiddo. Maybe you'll get a Tesco.

3) Venice: Commenter Trevor rises to the rescue and answers the what-what at Washington & Dell . "Demolition of five commercial buildings; conversion of an existing nine-story office building into 45 live/work condominium units and one 5,300 square foot ground floor commercial unit; dedication and construction of a public path along the east bank of Grand Canal; and construction of 77 new residential condominium units (12 of which are affordable housing), one 600 square foot commercial unit and a two-level semi-subterranean parking garage."

4) Hollywood: Sorry to say, the Numero Uno's at 1618 Highland appears to be gone. We tried calling but the number has been disconnected. Not a good sign. The next closest locale is in Koreatown.

5) Van Nuys: The lot in question at Sepulveda and Victory (pictured above) is definitely under development. We drove by this morning. No signage to indicate the use, but as Andrew at Here in Van Nuys guesses, it does look like a Starbucks. But a little digging on our part shows the property is owned by Wells Fargo bank. So we're thinking it's a bank.