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Design, Mobility and Day Labor

(image via Subtopia)

Well, now that the niceties of the holidays are out of the way, we can start talking about immigration issues again. Cause we know nothing gets you readers more excited than immigrants and Scientology (and Reichen). Urbanist blog Subtopia looks at the day-labor center and how the design of such structures are evolving into new forms and functions. We've all seen the battles that erupt over these little outposts outside of Home Depots, so what if they were a little bit more mobile and a little less stationary. What if they served as community meeting rooms, or a classroom when not being used for day laborers? What if the design of the structure was such that it elicited oohs and ahhs from passers-by? Would this make any difference, or are we all still hung up on the poor brown people on the inside? This is our thinkage for the day.
· Day Laborer Space [Subtopia]