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LAPD HQ Watch: Take a drink

(image of HQ model via SkyscraperPage Forum)

It's the 10th day of January, approximately two weeks since we started our LAPD HQ/Tutor Saliba drinking game, and today we remind you to take your first drink.

Steve Lopez of the LA Times pens a column about the work going on outside his office window at the dirt pit and the ill will swirling around the project and Tutor Saliba. (For reference, he notes that workers are standing around a hole staring at it, which is enough to constitute "shoddy work" for our drinking game purposes.) Lopez manages to speak to Ron Tutor, although briefly and with expletives in the mix.

I called the supervisor's boss, Ron Tutor, to see if maybe I could tour the site with him or buy him lunch, since we'd be working together, in a manner of speaking. Not only did he decline, but he took the Lord's name in vain. He wondered why I thought the project was any of my business, and I tried to explain the watchdog role of the press. But he was the one doing the barking.

"I don't want to talk to you," he snarled, telling me he wasn't going to waste his time trying to educate a [expletive] newspaper columnist.

Laura Chick also gets name checked, but there's no mention of an impending audit, yet. Keep the Jaeger at the ready, just in case.
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