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CurbedWire: Updates & Stuff

Restaurant: The Pinkberry virus infects another SoCal neighborhood, according to a reader: "FYI: New Beverly Hills location (Little Santa Monica Blvd.) opened Monday/Tues. of this week." Good to know.

NIMBYism: Via our direct feed to the belly of City Hall, an emailer chimes in on the 101 Park. Jim McQuiston of the East Hollywood NA was apparently a Debbie Downer due to the location of the freeway cap park between Bronson and Wilton. The study has since been modified to examine the park's prospects all the way down to Santa Monica Blvd., which "mollified Mr. McQuiston's concerns." We wish somebody would mollify our crazy, selfish concerns now and again.

Environment: While scouring Craigslist (hmm...), David Markland of identified the new "enviro-friendly" gas station at Olympic and Robertson as some BP "feel good" bullshit called "Helios House". It's consumption without guilt, or some such nonsense. We've tried to find renderings of the new gas station, but have been unsuccessful in our googling.

Preservation: LosAnjealous claims responsibility for the partial demolition of Johnie's Broiler in Downey. Mystery solved. Meanwhile, Roadside Peek reports that yesterday's Downey City Council meeting was a big old brouhaha of outrage.