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Pedigree Homes: Still Chopping Away!

They're pedigree homes that have history, location and/or stardom. Having a pedigree that would impress the snobbiest of friends, these homes have sat on the market for 100 or more days and despite a price chop or two (or three) they're not moving. Won't you buy one today??

1) What/Where: The Thorgusen Residence, Hollywood Hills West (above)
Pricechopped: No August Chop?
Price Reduced: 05/11/06 -- $1,895,000 to $1,795,000
Price Reduced: 06/01/06 -- $1,795,000 to $1,695,000
Price Reduced: 07/12/06 -- $1,695,000 to $1,600,000
Days on Market: 143
The Skinny: Graduating from the USC Architecture school in 1950, Robert Thorgusen built this stunning organic pond and pool enhanced residence fresh out of school in 1953. What are USC Architecture students, three years out of school, doing today? Picking their noses and playing with CAD.
· 9029 HOLLYWOOD HILLS RD, CA 90046 [Mossler & Doe]

2) What/Where: Former residence of Charlie Chaplin and Mary Astor (not at the same time), in the Hollywood Hills
Pricechopped: un-million-dollars
Price Reduced: 08/11/06 -- $9,989,000 to $8,989,000
Days on the Market: 115
The Skinny: We noted this home was on the market back in July. It has since been chopped. The Gothic-Moorish mansion known as Moorcrest was completed around 1921, designed by female architect Marie Barnard Russak Hotchener, a rarity in those days. It was rented by Chaplin and then later occupied by Marie Astor and her parents.
· 6147 TEMPLE HILL DR, Hollywood Hills, CA 90068 [TheMLS]

3) What/Where: Judy Garland/Vincent Minnelli estate, Hollywood Hills
Pricechopped: Less 200k is a-ok
Price Reduced: 06/21/06 -- $3,695,000 to $3,495,000
Days on the Market: 98 (close enough)
The Skinny: Three celebrity tie ins - Liza and Vincent plus later remodeling done by Sammy Davis, Jr. This place must reek of scotch. Amazing city views, private pool and a guest house too.
· 8850 EVANVIEW DR, Sunset Strip - Hollywood Hills, CA 90069 []

Thank you to ZipRealty for the excellent price chopping data!