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Starwood Runs Roughshod Over...Everyone

One of the centerpieces in Hollywood's heralded revitalization is the Hollywood and Vine development, with 350 new apartments, 145 condos, a W Hotel and a whole lot of ground floor retail. The project should break ground next year but the evictions Our shriveled little souls can barely muster a tear for the businesses lost, and while we may momentarily mourn the loss of Daddy's, we're sure the $14 cosmopolitans at the W's bar will soon make us forget those sweet leather banquettes.

So imagine our surprise when we received an email that melted our icy, frozen hearts:

I'm wondering if you'll post a plea to find a new home for the Juices Fountain, currently on Vine in Hollywood. It's one of the businesses that are being forced out by the redevelopment of the neighborhood. Specifically, it's the W development that's taking over their location. This is not new news, but I wanted to remind people that they still have not found a new location. They had hope for one (as a sign outside displayed a new address for a short time), but the deal fell through. The family run business, started by Columbian immigrant Maggie Pena, has been looking for a new Hollywood location for about 9 months to no avail due to the high rents. The Juices Fountain is a delicious treasure and has been around for over 30 years. If any of the Curbed LA readers own space in Hollywood or have contacts that do, please help them find a new, affordable home!

Surely if you people can figure out the source of bad smells all over town, you can put your collective energy towards finding the Juice people a new home. Put your suggestions in the comments, or email them to us, and we'll pass them along to interested parties.