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Schindler Rents Know No Bounds

Way back in January, a man could afford a gallon of gas, a fine straw hat and the rent for an R M Schindler Bubeshko Apartment on his weekly paycheck alone. Not anymore. The Bubeshkos are going fast and all that's left is the $3,650/month, master suite with 2 bedrooms and the private yard.

Garnering world acclaim, this masterpiece building was featured in the MOCA Schindler Retrospective. One of the architect's best-known multi-family designs. The Bubeshko Apartments have been immaculately restored to near original condition. Dwell in this one-of-a-kind living artwork and LA landmark in the heart of Silverlake and one of the most intact/original of Schindler's works. A time-capsule to 1941 modernism and yet a timeless work of art.

Via Craigslist, we learn the apartment features private terrace, lovely natural lighting and something called a "3 O'clock Bar."
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