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Another Day, Another Mixed-Use Development Project

By now, its getting a little repetitive for us. Another Hollywood hotel that's seen better days is up for sale, developer moves in to buy it and convert to mixed-use project, media makes hay on "Hollywood's Revitalization/Gentrification/Urban Renewal/Odious Yuppie Clusterfuck." Yawn. We go away for a week and this is what we come back to. Ok, so we'll do what we have to do. The Hollywood Metropolitan Hotel was just sold for -- what seems to us the bargain price of -- $20 million to an unnamed buyer who plans a mixed-use hotel and office project. Why do we even care? History, baby. See, the hotel hit its heyday back in the late 80s/early 90s, when Suge Knight was still a free man, Eazy-E was still alive, Ice Cube wasn't a cuddly, kid-friendly movie star, and Dr. Dre's motherfuckin homey Doggy Dogg had got his back. Yes, it was a different time in Los Angeles and our tipster assures us "NWA, Dr. Dre and Suge Knight sorta lived/terrorized the place for a short period of time during the early 90s." Ah, the good old days.
· $20M Hotel Buyer Plans Mixed-Use Project [Globe St]