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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Tear Down and Build Up

Questions for next week's Rumblings & Bumblings are being accepted now via email at Thanks for the answers this week. Your neighbors appreciate it.

1) Fairfax: The Fairfax 3 Cinemas is gone people! GONE! From an emailer: "Laemmle closed The Fairfax 3 Cinemas last week. The theater was mostly known for second-run indepedent films and minor festivals. This is the message of the Laemmle website:

After five years and a thousand and one good foreign, independent and art movies (or thereabouts) Laemmle Theatres reluctantly announces we are ending our tenancy at the historic Fairfax Theatre.

Sincere thanks to all our Fairfax customers for their loyal patronage.

Too bad. 2) Hollywood: Thank you to HH Resident in the comments for providing us with info on the tear down of the hostel and the new construction of a hotel at Franklin and Highland: "...they are building a hotel.

I'm not sorry to see the hostel itself go, it wasn't the most attractive place in the world.

BUT that said I don't have high hopes for the property considering the developers tore down a historic AIA award winning home designed by "Mead and Requa" that was deemed eligible for the National Register of Historic places - in the process.

See pic of the 'E. Roscoe Shrader' home in better days (Note E. Roscoe Schrader - he was a famous artist and illustrator - former president of California Art Club, also Dean of Otis Art Institute which later became LA County Art Institute)..."

3) BeverlyGrove: Yi Cuisine appears to be in foodie limbo, with rumors of its demise and imminent return swirling. From Nick in the comments: "Yi Cuisine had a "closed for renovation" sign on it a while back. And it recent days I've seen people there doing painting and such." And from Greg in the comments: "I know that Yi Cuisine had been put up for lease or sublease earlier this year. I have no idea what eventually happened though with any new tenant/lessee."