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Sub-Million Dollar Dwell Home On the Market

A reader links us up to one of those rare finds - a home featured in Dwell now on the market, at a price that's kind of affordable (in California terms). Sort of "architecture within reach," but not really.

Recently published in Dwell, Los Angeles Times and Architectural Record, at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac within the eclectic West Adams district, this masonry and wood clad modern dwelling operates in the vernacular of a gallery, with concrete floors and luminous, open plan spaces. Large windows lead to a contoured lawn and 2 additional outdoor spaces that include citrus and avocado trees. In close proximity to the Culver City Gallery District & Beverly Hills, convenient to dowtown & the beach. We can't help but notice the use of the word "eclectic" to describe West Adams. Just a few short years ago, a more appropriate word might have been "sketchy". How sweet. It's gentrifying before our very eyes. But to each his own. Featuring 3 beds/2bathrooms, the home is listed with Deasy/Penner. Retail Price: $895,000.
· The Nook House [Deasy/Penner]
· 1800 COCHRAN PL, LOS ANGELES, CA 90019 []