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More Famima!! (Now in Culver City)

Finally, a reason to go to Culver City. We were happy to receive another store-spotter email this week from someone on the lookout for new Famimas!!. It seems one has snuck into the Culver City area, with a promise to open soon. It's the biggest news to hit Culver City since the groundbreaking of the Expo Line. From a reader:

Don't know if you already know about this or not, but there's a new Famima!!! being built in Culver City. It's in the Culver Center shopping plaza, specifically at the corner of Venice and Overland. It's actually in the remaining quarter of a standalone building otherwise occupied by a relatively new CPK ASAP (California Pizza Kitchen - As Soon As Possible). The building used to be a tire place (Goodrich?). Anyway, sign on the window says that the Famima!!! is opening soon, and you know how they sneak up on us, don't you? To commemorate this newest Famima!! store sighting, we have done the calculation and now with 99% accuracy can predict the location of future Famima!! stores. Map after the jump.
Below is a map of what Los Angeles will look like in January 2008, once the initial wave of Famima!! stores have opened. The gaps not occupied by Famima!! will presumably be occupied by "soon to be open" Pinkberry shops.