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Rumblings & Bumblings: Questiongoers

Thank you to those of you that have emailed your excellent questions this week. And thank you to those of you who emailed asking if we would talk about your favorite shoe company or Japanese surf wear company. Sorry, we don't do that. But if you have a question for next week or an answer for this week please email us at or drop a hint in the comments. Cheers!

1) Fairfax: For our theatergoers. "I drove by the Fairfax Theater Sunday and it was closed with nothing on the billboard. Anybody know what's going on?"

2) Hollywood: For our Hollywoodgoers. "what's going on in Hollywood, on Highland and Franklin (West side of Highland) where that old hostel used to be? The site has been cleared, and there seems to be some construction activites going on."

3) BeverlyGrove: For our restaurantgoers. "I think Yi Cuisine closed!!! Ever since its executive chef left, Yi Cuisine has been looking a bit ragged. As every week passed, it looked more and more empty, and gradually would shed a night of being opened. As I drove home today and passed Yi, the place looked boarded up - cardboard covered the windows, the glass waterfall, and no valet in sight... What's going on there? Its a great location so hopefully we will have a new restaurant soon!"

Answers on Thursday.