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Monday Inbox Curbed LA Miscellaneous

Retail: Mahamondo emails with news that Kidrobot is leaving the Third Street Promenade. From his web site: "Kidrobot , one of the original indie retailers on the Promenade, is pulling up stakes and moving to Melrose Hts. The move is perhaps a result of increasing rents and KR's strategy to be closer in proximity to the young Hollywood types who avidly collect their ltd. edition releases."

Blogging: A tipster with a love of real estate blogging emails to let us know that two real estate bloggers have entered into the blog equivalent of a "dance-off". Greg of the BloodhoundBlog and Ardell of Searching Seattle Blog will have a blog-off to see which blogger can do 101 posts in a single day. Competition begins tonight at midnight.

Demographics: In the "Well isn't that Special" category, an astute reader throws a new statistic at us. Somebody pop open a bottle of Two Buck Chuck, we got celebratin' to do. "I have been waiting for the papers around town to run the story for quite some time, but I haven't heard anything regarding Los Angeles's passing the 4,000,000-population mark. I just looked at an LAPD estimate at the following link: and found that official LAPD estimates show the population as 4,097,340 people living here."

Retail: Ok, we thought it was cute when it was opening in a couple of places, now Famima!! is starting to scare us with its rapid spread throughout the Southland. From a reader: "Did you know that there is another Famima opening in Pasadena? On Colorado and El Molino, on the ground floor of the new over priced apartments and right next to what I think is going to be a French 75 Bistro."