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Pepperdiners Loving Larchmont... in Silver Lake

Okay, which one of you wants to take a stab at editing this opening paragraph. From the Pepperdine University Graphic in a story on Larchmont Boulevard:

The Larchmont Boulevard area of Silverlake is a hidden, eclectic and upscale town nestled beneath he Hollywood Hills that makes for a great day trip of shopping and dining. Silverlake is a rather diffuse area spread out north of Glendale and east of Hollywood that offers an eclectic world of residences and businesses. The prominence of art galleries, yoga centers, antique shops and Hollywood studios in Silverlake, intermingled with charming houses and apartments makes this a place that embraces the unique. We'll have to forgive our Pepperdine friends in Malibu. They hardly make it to the rest of LA, so local geography might not be their strong suit.
· Lollygaging through Larchmont [Pepperdine University Graphic]