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They Say the LED Lights are Bright...

George Benson's gonna be totally jazzed! The Downtown BID intends to reinvent the historic entertainment district along Broadway and Spring Streets with a master plan to illuminate the currently grotty facades of theaters and other historic buildings. OC lighting designer Tom Ruzika's plan will begin with the Story Building at 610 Broadway, a 1908 building that currently houses the West Coast Jewelry Center, a.k.a. "House of Cheap Bling".

The LA Downtown News enthuses over the various lighting designs:

The designs are works of art in themselves, and have the capability to turn faded buildings into vibrant fantasies of blue, purple, green and gold. Ruzika drew on decades of experience engineering similar lightscapes for clients such as Disneyland, Universal Studios and the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. He has also designed lighting for about a dozen historic Downtown structures, including the restored clock tower on the turquoise Eastern Columbia Building.Sign us up for some of those vibrant fantasies.
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