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Moving On From H&M...

Now that H&M is yesterday's news, and we gorged outselves on cheap swedish fashion and the high school kids who love it, and we never want to hear the letters 'H' and 'M' used in the same sentence, we're ready to move on to the next big thing in Los Angeles retail: supermarkets. It looks like one of our favorite British grocery stores is soon to arrive on our shores, sure to be met with the same frenzy as earlier British imports. Rumor has it Tesco is looking to lease a 32,500 square foot site, more than double what analysts predicted. If that's what it takes to get McVities Digestives in this country, and it gives Wal-mart a run for its money, then we're arse over tit to see them open here. We think Tesco's just the dog's bullocks. And Bob's your uncle. (We also have no idea what we just said, but we think it translates to: Tesco - we like it!).
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