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PARK(ing): Runyon Gets Paving

Big news, parking nerds. Not only is today National PARK(ing) Day, but its also the beginning of... umm... a new beginning for parking at or near or adjacent to Runyon Canyon. Despite the gripes of angry neighbors, the Parks and Rec Board has approved the installation of a parking lot at the base of the hilly park. Now instead of circling for 20 minutes, it's anticipated park goers will have the option of parking on a paved lot. Of course the parking lot installation will pave over that flat grassy area at the entrance, but we imagine they can grow grass in another spot.

Also, if you're so inclined to join our San Franciscan brother's in their PARK(ing) Day activities, please take note of the following guide from Inhabitat: "Please join us as we transform parking spots into PARK(ing) spaces: temporary public parks in areas that need open space – enlivening the streets and improving the quality of urban human habitat." Be your own Banksy.
· Runyon Canyon Dog Park to Get Parking Lot [ktla]