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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Save Your Eggs

We had two quality questions posted on Tuesday, and one that snuck into the comments that we will post next week. One of those questions was answered. One was not. Question number 2... ... ... ... you are out. Auf Wiedersehen. If you have questions for next week, please email us at

Picture Credit: Eric Richardson

But first... an update.

UPDATE: Downtown: As we hoped, blogdowntown provides an answer to the 7th and Metro question from last week. "Way after the fact on this, seeing as the question ran on 9/12 and the non-answer ran on 9/18, but the answer to the question of what's going in the retail space on the northeast corner of 7th/Hope is: nothing. The leasing signs had come down, but more than likely it was just for sidewalk filming that took place there over the weekend. Ironically, the sidewalk set had leasing signs up in the windows with a 212 (NYC) area code."

1) Atwater Village: The Newbie finds nothing wrong with a Check Cashing place. "Check-cashing joints get a bad rap. What exactly is their crime? Would we prefer a "legit" bank like US Bank, one that ties all sorts of strings to "free" checking, holds deposits up to 30 days and charges $45 for overdrafting?

When long-term banking fees exceed instant check-cashing fees, it's no wonder 20 percent of Americans decide to remain unbanked. I, for one, support them." Not to be left out, Miss Teri in the comments bemoans the loss of diversity on the Eastside and curses the gentrifiers and their gelato shops.

2) Santa Monica: No commentary or additional insight into where the truckloads of dirt from the RAND site are going. Like everything else, they probably end up at the Sunshine Canyon dump.