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PARK(ing) Day: More Parking

In honor of PARK(ing) day, or just by coincidence, we had a parking (the striped kind, not the grassy) related question that requires an urgent reponse. A potential lofter writes in with a nervous question about the parking sitch at Grand Lofts. A SkyscraperCity Forum poster had noted his problems with guaranteed parking way back in November. Our potential loftee wants to know if the issue has been resolved.

"I read an article/post you had on the Grand Lofts parking situation that was posted back in 11/14/05. The lofts are great and I was almost about to sign when I read you article that we may be "punk'd" out of our 2 designated parking spots. Everyone I have spoken to that lives there says there will be parking via the Home Owners Association. Do you have any late information on this? Everyone there still has parking, and that post was a year ago. Thank you very much in advance

(im really about to sign on one of the 4 remaining units for sale!)"

Please let the concerned reader know if you have any updated information about parking at Grand Lofts.
· Grand Lofts: Trouble's Brewing [Curbed LA]