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H&M: Woot! Woot!

Okay, our Pasadena correspondents, who we lovingly refer to as Sweet Chocolate and Chowder Boy, have emailed in their first hand account of all happenings in Old Town Pasadena.

"The first person in the line ("Chowder Boy" and I went out there between 11 and 11:20am) was an older, somewhat disheveled gentleman. I’m pretty sure this store only carries women’s clothing. Therefore, no explanation whatsoever for his interest. The line wrapped around the block. There was a red carpet laid down for the first group of expectant shoppers. News vans had been staked out in front of the store since last night. Helicopters hovered overhead right at the noontime magic hour. These people are being paid to stand outside and interview 17 year olds who are skipping school to be there when a new store opens, even though that same store with the same merchandise in the same location will still be open tomorrow and everyday after that!? It looked like fun though.”

Thank you Sweets and Chowder. Tall Dave in an earlier comment also provided a link to some pics that he snapped while there today. Thanks Tall Dave. More pics after the jump.