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Housing Crunch? What Housing Crunch?

According to the Mayor's office, we just hit another milestone in the city's adaptive reuse program, with 4,047 as the magic number. Yup, over 4,000 units have been either sold or rented, most in downtown LA, with a pinch of Hollywood, a smidge of K-town, thrown in there for good measure. Need a map? The city has provided us with one.

And while the LA Times writes a love letter to downtown developer Richie Meruelo, we can't help but notice how many of the completed projects have been done by Barry Shy. While Meruelo hogs the spotlight, Shy, too easy, Must. Resist. Pun. Let's just say the man remains out of the spotlight for now.

Anyhoo, what's does the future hold for the $6 billion Adaptive Reuse Program? According to the Mayor's office, 4,000 units under construction and 3,000 more in the proverbial "pipeline." As long as potential residents don't mind strange smells and possible corpses, there seems to be a neverending supply of expensive loft living coming to a downtown street corner near you.