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CA Boom Kicks Off Archi-tour Deathmatch

[All Images by John Hoffman]

We already mentioned that this fall was shaping up to be chock-full of architecture tours, with no single organization bothering to talk to the others, resulting in overlapping dates and buildings. The MAK Center, the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoir (you, sir, are a mouthful!), and CA Boom are competing for the hearts and wallets of LA's archi-groupies.

We were so caught up anticipating The Greatest Opening On Earth Ever, we almost forgot to post our recap of CA Boom's first tour in their four-part series. As a veteran tour-goer, we can happily report CA Boom's logistics run smoothly, with luxurious mini-buses (plasma TV!) shuttling us from house to house. Other lessons learned on the Silver Lake tour:

Neutra is still the master. Especially when he's been expensively renovated.

Continue for more lessons and pictures.

Neutra can be sort of dreary when more renovation is needed. Heresy, we know. Bring on the hate.

Landscape architects hate Neutra. At least the one that planted a giant pine right in front of the VDL house, blocking the view of the reservoir, does.

Oh my god, we love this house. Why haven't more people learned about Standard, LLP?

The next tour is coming up: Sept 30th in West Hollywood Hills, featuring Koenig's Case Study 22 and if Bonura Building's renovation of the Tanager Way Residence is half as good as their reno of the Neutra one they did on the Silver Lake tour, its worth every cent we didn't have to pay.