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McMansionization Reaches the Back Yard

Okay, we'll bite. If you're the kind of person who frequently drops a few Gs to spoil your pooch, read on. For the rest of us, living in squalor, avert your eyes. Doggie Mansions are the newest fad to throw us into an unholy rage. Coming in various styles and sizes, Doggie Mansions cater to your bad taste and inflict it upon your animal. And guess what, they're based in Los Angeles!

The brainchild of veteran real estate broker Donald Gorbach, Doggie Mansions custom designs and builds each luxury dog home to order based on the owners’ preferences. "The first thing we ask the dog owners is ‘What’s your doggie’s style’?”, says Gorbach, the company’s Top Dog. “If you live in a Mediterranean-style estate with stone columns, marble floors, a barrel tile roof, air-conditioning, plasma TVs, decorator furnishings, faux finished interiors and beautiful landscaping, that is the look we will create for your dog. If you prefer a beach house with white-washed shutters, a modern home or a pastel blue Bermuda cottage, that is what we will build. The whole idea is to integrate your taste and style into the home we create especially for your pooch."

The Doggie Mansion's also come with the option to provide space for your adorable child. That is, if they don't mind sharing space with the family's more poopy member.