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Curbed LA's Updates on Stuff

We've been getting some updates on past posts and R&B questions from readers and the news media. We're combining them in this space to present them for efficient reading purposes.

· The Downtown News reports that the much anticipated downtown Ralph's will open sooner than was announced previously by the project developers, CIM Group. The Ralph's is scheduled for an opening in the first half of 2007 as part of the ground floor of the Market Lofts (pictured right). No word on a Trader Joe's or Whole Foods opening downtown, as of yet.
· Ralphs Coming by Mid-2007 [Downtown News]

· The Wal-Mart Supercenter in Rosemead finally opened on Saturday. We weren't there but we imagine there were obese moms in sweat pants with their ill-mannered children in attendance. As you may recall, we featured the anti-Wal-Mart site, Save Our Community, earlier this year. Today, also happens to be the recall election for those Rosemead City Councilpersons who voted in favor of the Wal-Mart.
· Wal-Mart Supercenter Opens in Rosemead; Recall Election to Follow [LA Times]

· In regards to last week's R&B question/comment/complaint about the pedestrian crosswalk needed near the Gas Company Lofts, newly elected NC member Matthew Klekner emails in: "Neighborhood council election just finished. First meeting is in October (second tuesday). As a new member of the council I will bring this up at the next or subsequent meeting." Thank you sir.

· A reader email an update to a long-ago R&B question regarding development on La Brea. "I recall there was a question once about what was going to be done with the old Continental Graphics complex on La Brea. I was driving past it over the weekend and it has been turned to religious purposes of the Orthodox variety (the one community in Los Angeles most committed to pedestrian-friendly development). I didn't stop long enough to see exactly what it's called now but I saw the word "Midrash" and noted that there were separate men's and women's entrances. At this point they're using the existing buildings as is (aside from interior renovation, I assume)."