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Manhattan Beach to Kick Out Gangbanging Vacationers

We always knew that Manhattan Beach was full of a bunch of drunken ex frat boys and sorority girls. The Manhattan Beach City Council apparently just got that memo, so they are ready to take some action. In order to curb all of those “loud drunken parties,” the City Council is considering an ordinance that bans two-day vacation home rentals and forces home owners to lease their homes for at least a week.

"If you've got people that want a bachelor party, they're not going to rent a place for seven days," Councilwoman Joyce Fahey said. "If you want a group of gangbangers coming from the Valley, they're not likely to shell out the money for more than two days." Gangbangers? Is she serious? Yes, it seems that Valley gangbangers, with all of their disposable income, are renting houses in M.B. for more than $300 per night. Something about this one seems a bit fishy to us. It’s good to see that the government of M.B. is tackling the pressing housing issues of the day.
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