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Beach Controvery Ends With A Whimper

Just when it looked like things were about to get really ugly over at the Marion Davies estate, with lawsuits filed by neighbors, fires set by nearby homeless and something about public defecation thrown in there for good measure, all to prevent a public beach club from being built, the neighboring NIMBYs have thrown in the proverbial (beach) towel.

Late friday afternoon we got notice that the lawsuit has been dropped, design and preparation for construction is still on schedule and work can begin as soon as a year from now. What prompted the change of heart? Apparently, the city appeased the plaintiffs by promising "to operate the beach club according to conditions approved by the [Palisades Beach Property Owners Association] and provide around-the-clock security for at least seven years, with certain conditions in effect for 10." And CalTrans may install a traffic light at the property, addressing concerns about traffic safety.

Now that this issue has been resolved, we can again turn back to the other NIMBYs threatening development in LA. Because there are so many other threats to progress, like Johnny Depp, preschoolers and
the homeless standing in the way.
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