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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Monday - It's the New Thursday

Yeah, we could have pretended last week never happened but we just couldn't. We're good like that. So without further ado, we bring you our limited bag of responses to last weeks R&B. Questions and comments for TOMORROW should be emailed to us at We're so fired.

1) Hollywood Hills: We checked our backlog of Tom Labonge newsletters to see what the status of the Lake Hollywood pedestrian path is. In July, the newsletter reported that the Councilman had opened up the eastside of Lake Hollywood, providing another 1.5 miles of pathway. But again, no update on when the rest will be opened up.

2) Downtown: Arghh. Nobody responded and this is really driving us nutty cuz we know we've read the answer somewhere. Maybe on the blogdowntown blog. We need to read some more and then maybe we can figure out what's planned for the space at 7th and Metro.

3) Koreatown Adjacent: As Pete in the comments notes, the hangar sized building at Vermont and Washington will be... you guessed it, another school. "The huge building is presumably the gymnasium. The site is so huge that there will probably be full athletic facilities, including a football/soccer field, although it can't be very healthful to engage in outdoor recreation next to one of the world's busiest freeways." Please note in the picture above, the oddly placed blimp and giant soccer ball.

4) Hollywood: The consensus among the house whisperers is that the W Lofts will go for an average of $1,000/sf. Cha-ching. How 'bout that Hollywood renaissance.

5) Pico: Good stuff from Richard in the comments re the CIM project with the Home Depot - or actually not. "I heard from a rep in Herb Wesson's office that that Lowe's has signed a lease, not Home Depot. Apparently Lowe's was attractive because they have a "zero tolerance" policy towards day-laborers. It's been in limbo so long because LAUSD was considering condemning the site for a high school, and no one wanted to start building until LAUSD decided one way or another."

6) Downtown: Everyone agrees that cops who give jaywalking tickets need to be reassigned to zoo patrol. A pedestrian crosswalk would serve the populace well in the Gas Company Lofts vicinity and the neighborhood council should do something about it.

7) Santa Monica: Faux-grass is all the rage in Tokyo and just like Famima and Waraku, we in LA need our own little bit of Japan here. Archstone seems to be a prime offender of using fake grass according to some commenters. Is it environmentally friendly? Maybe. Is it a complete F-U to the City's landscaping requirements. Probably.

Thanks for the questions. Sorry for the delay. We'll try harder not to disappoint you.