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Murderous Housing Prices Haunting Our Nightmares

A reader with a good eye for interesting properties emailed us the news that 8763 Wonderland is available for lease. For those in the dark, 8763 Wonderland is the site of multiple homicides related to a drug gang and that somehow involved porn star John Holmes and the boyfriend of Liberace, back in 1981. You can read all about it here on Wikipedia or NetFlix the 2003 movie on the subject, starring Val Kilmer. Retail Price: $2,500/month, with 2 bed and 2 bath.
· 8763 Wonderland Ave [TheMLS]

If that doesn't get your juices flowing, the Nightmare on Elm Street home is also available, according to Defamer. The 4 bed, 3.5 bath home at 1428 N. Genessee is the picture of normality. Those poor saps who live there must be abused every Halloween.
Retail Price: $1,095,000
· Defamer Real Estate: Swear Off Ambien In The 'Elm Street' House [Defamer]