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Curbed LA Miscellaneous (Tales of)

Culture: Banksy's Art Exhibition will be held at a secret location on Hunter Street this weekend, according to Sean Bonner of and a post on LAist. Directions are given as two blocks off the Freeway, off Santa Fe.

Retail: You love it. You hate it. H&M is coming next week and some of you are tired of hearing about it while others can't get enough. Two recent emails from actual readers gave us these two perspectives "Alright, enough with the H&M news already" AND "Where's the weekly H&M update? I need my weekly H&M update!" We'll never please all of you, so please scroll past the posts you dislike.

Preservation: Franklin Avenue documents another building succumbing to the wrecking ball on Wilshire Boulevard. The Mullen & Bluett building will be replaced with a faux Art Deco structure from Legacy Partners which the posters on the Lotta Living forums have dubbed the "Miami Vice Building." (pictured above)

Politics: Martini Republic was in attendance of yesterday's Mayoral Housing Summit and noted the insanity surrounding the Proposition H propaganda that we were subjected to for 5 hours. And somebody really needs to get Joe some rental housing statistics before he pops a vein.