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Friday Food Fun: Restaurant Rumblings

Our restaurant guru gives us the latest grist for the rumor mill:

· Tantra in Silver Lake in theory has a deal done to sell the place, but not sure if someone wants to keep the name and concept or change it. Yet at over $1M, I would think keeping it would be more viable. No posting on abc website yet is my hesitation, [suggesting] the lease assumption may not have been worked out or maybe the deal has already fallen through.
· Eatz Cafe, golf course adjacent on Los Feliz, and the Roosevelt Cafe at the Roosevelt golf course near the Greek Theatre, (both with beer licenses and both operated by the same people), have been sold to Byoung Woo Lee.
· Red Pearl on Melrose in the former Meson G space opens today.

and last but not least:

· Don't know how often you get around that awful intersection of Melrose, Santa Monica and Doheny, yet at 9010 Melrose there used to be the venerable Cafe Figaro, way before [Curbed LA's] arrival on the scene, yet it finally met its match, and had subsequently become Kassba, the Parisian Room, Santo Coyote, and is now being ripped apart and Murano ristorante is under construction under the ownership of Diane Sanker, Robin Ganz and Sandra Sachs et al in the name of Murano Ristorante Partners Inc.