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Green Building That's Actually Green

We all know that Angelenos are quick to jump on a trend, especially if it is what the hangers-on see their leaders doing. A perfect example of this is “green” building. Building a home that is environmentally friendly has become all of the rage for those who can afford it. Usually these “green” builders buy an old home, tear it down, and build the “green” house in its place. The L.A. Weekly presents an interesting article in which it describes this process as being terribly environmentally unfriendly. According to the article, the L.A. approach to “green” building generates tons of waste. Houses would be much greener if they were remodeled and were – GASP – smaller. No, you don’t need 5 bedrooms in 4000 square feet for just the two of you if you really care about the environment. In the mean time, we’ll just wait until that day when “green” is not so much as a status symbol as a realistic goal with a genuinely minimal impact on the environment.
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