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T-Minus 8 Days: H&M Countdown Officially Begins

[Image Courtesy of H&M, Photographer: Rankin]

Summer's over and now we begin the long descent into LA's harsh and bitter winter. Temperatures dipping into the 70s. Light rain. Socialities break out the season's newest ugly It-Boot. Oh, the humanity! There are just two things we have this autumn keeping us from looking into the heart of the abyss and wondering if we have the strength to go on: Batali/Silverton's long-awaited pizza place and H&M.

Cheap swedish fashion will save us all. Especially when its hawked by Madonna.

Feel free to send us your pictures of the scaffold unveiling, the kids lining up by next wednesday, the opening madness. We'll post them for sure.

8 more days and counting...