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RentSlicer: The Last Three Months

Statistical relevance be damned! We love RentSlicer data but as has been previously mentioned, the data will be skewed by the number of listings within a geographic area and the type of housing available. Hopefully, the affects of the outliers will be mitigated over the three month period.

Apparently, rents have taken a turn for the worse all over. They're up from our last snapshot back in June. Pacific Palisades is the priciest spot for rentals with Malibu falling to number two. Woodland Hills jumps into the mix for the first time since we've been tracking, landing at number 8 of the most expensive markets. All of the top ten most expensive markets now have an average rental price above $2,500/month. Koreatown finally gives up its stranglehold on the cheapest rental market, with Hawthorne and Panorama City leapfrogging into 1 and 2, respectively. Undefined "Los Angeles", which we know to mean South LA and less desirable parts of the City chart at number 20 on the most affordable list, with an average rental price of $1,484.
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