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Rumblings & Bumblings: Hello Again

Wow, we almost completely forgot it was Tuesday. That's not good. Anywho, over the past two weeks since we've been absent we've had a number of questions pile up in our inbox. Here they are. Answers and comments should be shipped to us directly at We'll post your replies this coming Thursday!

1) Hollywood Hills: In regards to the Lake Hollywood reservoir, a reader queries: "Do you know if/when the full path around the reservoir will open? "

2) Downtown: We're pretty sure we know this answer, it's just not coming to us. "What's going on near the 7th & Metro subway stop and the downtown Right-Aid? Next door is a mid-size highrise and the bottom floor has been cleared out forever with a For Lease sign hanging prominently. Now, the sign is gone. It's a beautiful space, perfect for a large upscale restaurant or store. Too much to hope for?"

3) Koreatown Adjacent: We have no idea what this neighborhood is called but we totally know this answer. "I started a new job recently, which means a new (longer) commute, which means an entirely different landscape of building projects to puzzle over. One in particular baffles me...on the corner of Washington and Vermont. It is enormous, and looks to be just the right size for building airplanes. Big airplanes. What is it?"

4) Hollywood: Price Check, Aisle 2. "Any whispers been heard about what the W condos at Hollywood and Vine will be going for? square footages of the units? thanks."

5) Pico: Maybe our drinking buddies at CIM have an update on this. "Does anyone have an update on the very slow moving CIM/Perkowitz & Ruth project called Midtown Plaza at the intersection of Pico Bl. and San Vicente? I imagine that they're having hell of a time getting boutique leases for this proposed mid-sized shopping mall when Home Depot is reported to be signed on to the project and with the demographic being very mixed. In any case, it looks like it's going to be an eyesore for a while. Nary a bulldozer moving these days."

6) Downtown: A question, perhaps. More of a commentary. Whatever. Maybe Jan Perry will do something. "With all the loft apartments and IHOP on Flower Street directly across from a parking structure, there should be a pedestrian walk signal (from the Gas Company Lofts 810-820 Flower directly across to 833 Flower). There is a lot of pedestrain traffic, residents who sometimes have to carry things across the street, cops on bikes sit to give people jay-walking tickets, etc... A pedestrian walk signal, activated only when the button is pressed (with the flashing red lights to stop traffic) would be beneficial to everyone."

7) Santa Monica: Astroturfing in SM? "I've never seen fake grass before in a parkway, but today I came across a big plastic patch that wasn't fooling anyone. Its better than carpet-like astroturf, but each blade is still the same green, it doesn't look real at all. It also apparently is so green it turns all pictures of it magenta in order to compensate. Here's one I grabbed with my crummy cameraphone (see above). The parkway in question is on 6th street between Wilshire and Arizona in Santa Monica. Has anyone else seen such an abomination?"

We have a lot of good stuff crammed in our inboxes that we never got around to getting to, so if we left out your question from the last few weeks please email us again.