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Tuesday Thinkage: Individual Secession

As we're prepping R&B, we wanted to pass along a rather long and difficult question that requires extra-special attention from the local readership. A property owner is on the border between Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and wishes to have BH annex her. Without Jimmy Hahn to tell her no, how can she do this? Comments welcome.

I thought I'd start by asking you and your readers to help me out rather than slogging through the 37,000 possibilities google gave me. I went through ten pages or so of possibile "answers" and gave up. So - here goes. I live in L.A., but think it's time to live instead in Beverly Hills. However, I LOVE my house. It's not about wanting a bigger, grander house. My 20's Spanish Revival is quite comfortable and is all we need or want. So, we really don't want to move, but rather just want Los Angeles to give us up and be adopted by Beverly Hills. Now, before you start thinking I'm a COMPLETE whack-job, let me tell you that our property is the dividing line between L.A. and Beverly Hills. BHPD comes down my street every 15 minutes, while LAPD comes down my street every 15 days. When I have had to call LAPD, they inform me I live in Beverly Hills. I've talked to a few neighbors, and they are also all for living in BH on my "easy plan." I know some L.A. residents in L.A. who live on the west border by Century City did this a number of years ago. But the BH cops are already here, La Cienega Park (Bev Hills) is in our back yards.....I don't even have the selfish reason of having a kid and wanting it to be able to go to school there. Granted, my house would probably appreciate 20% just by the address change - but I have no idea how to start this succession from L.A. Any ideas?