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Accelerating Death in the I.E.

Besides being hotter, smoggier, and tract-ier, we’ve just learned another reason why we don’t live in the Inland Empire: we’ll die sooner. According to a study by Prof. Christopher Murray of the Harvard School of Public Health, the average life expectancy in San Bernardino (76 years) and Riverside (77.3 years) Counties is less than other Southern California counties. Orange County is the highest at 79.7 years, with San Diego (78.6 years) and Los Angeles (78.1 years) somewhat behind. California’s average is 78.2 years. Yes, we realize there are many reasons for this besides the fact that we just don’t want to live in the I.E. and will find any excuse to justify it. That cheaper housing won’t matter much when you keel over a few years prematurely.

Who, you may ask, are the longest living Americans? Asian women living in Bergen County, New Jersey live an average of 91 years. Go Jersey!
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