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Driving Green L.A. Style

Just as Angelenos were getting bored with their hybrids, a new car is coming that will satiate their urges for a car that they can’t afford and that is trendy. BMW just announced that it will produce hydrogen-powered cars in 2007:

The BMW Hydrogen 7, based on the company's high-end 7-series luxury sedan, will be powered by a 260-horsepower 12-cylinder internal combustion engine capable of running on either premium-grade gasoline or hydrogen, the company said. The car will be able to switch fuels automatically when the liquid hydrogen tank runs dry, BMW said, with no change in performance. The driver can also switch fuel sources by pressing a button.The part that will really appeal to our fellow L.A. denizens is that only a select group of users will be “allowed” to drive this car. BMW will only produce 25 of the alterna-fuel cars for North America, and they will choose who will be the “ambassadors” of this new car. Though we’re sure BMW really cares about the environment, this looks a lot bit like a publicity stunt to get celebrities to drive their cars.
· Coming Soon: Hydrogen-Powered BMW [CNN Money]