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Homeless Firebugs Threaten Beachfront Properties

Pay attention closely everyone. We know there is some logic to this story if you read between the lines or have an innate ability to understand the mind of the NIMBY. Apparently, recent fires set by a homeless person or persons camped in the bluffs just above PCH and near the proposed public beach club at 415 PCH have again caused an outcry from neighbors opposed to the public beach club. They feel that the homeless will congregate at the beach club and ummm... maybe start more fires? We're not sure. From the LookOut News:

It’s truly a public safety issue,” said PCH homeowner Jonathan Ornstein,one of the plaintiffs who has brought suit against the City to block construction of the public beach club. “This is clearly an area of a high level of homelessness.”
“I’m not anti-anybody,” said Ornstein, who has been accused, along with his fellow plaintiffs, of wanting to keep people off his beachfront turf. “I just don’t want the front of my house burning down with my kids in it. “You have people in the City say, ‘I tell my kids homeless people are just like moms pushing their strollers,’” Ornstein added. “Well, moms don’t start fires. Moms don’t defecate in public.

Despite attempts to remove the homeless encampments through various law enforcement initiatives, the homeless continue to return and set up shop on the bluffs causing the occassional fire. Again, how this all ties into the opening of a public beach club is beyond us, but if it gives the opponents something to work with, good for them.
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