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Square Footage Chicanery at 1100 Wilshire

It appears there's more trouble at 1100 Wilshire, according to the building message board. Buyers are clamoring to move in but the walk-throughs are leaving the words "class action lawsuit" on the tongues of a few concerned residents. It seems the units may be a teensy bit smaller than was promised. One studio unit buyer posts:

That studio unit is nowhere near 745 (eyeballing), I'm guessing 600-650 if even that. Using the measurements provided in the binder, the unit came out to 645. And doing the rough math, that is also about 150 square feet off = 90K. What are we going to do about this. I believe that the developer is intentionally waiting last minute so that we are forced to do a fast walkthrough and close escrow and go to hell. We need to organize and take this up with the seller. I love this building and will buy no matter what, but we are paying top dollar in a softening market. So we ask the collective wisdom of the Curbed community to answer one of the many questions the concerned buyers of 1100 Wilshire have asked. We did agree in our contracts that, ALL SQUARE FOOTAGES ARE ESTIMATES, but where is the line drawn. 10-40 sqaure feet off is okay, but 100+, holy %^&$~!!!!! · When will it be done? []
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