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Wyndham Hotel Goes British

[Image of Bel Age pool by flickr user noeltykay]

Remember back in the early and good days of Beverly Hills 90210 when the gang heads to the Bel Age Hotel to meet Donna's favorite pop group, Color Me Badd? And David rents a room at the hotel so he and Donna, and Brenda and Kelly can get into the hotel and then, ohmigod, Donna runs into her mom and finds out she's having - gasp - an affair! And meanwhile, Kelly steals a key to the penthouse so she can hang out with the band and then goes to the concert with a free pass (you haven't LIVED until you've seen them perform "I Adore My Amor" live) and then brings all the guys from the band to the Peach Pit so they can serenade Donna and cheer her up after she finds out her mama is a lying ho'. Remember? Yeah, those years were awesome. And they also remind us that the Wyndham Bel Age has seem some better days. Until now. Our friends at Hotelchatter want us all to know the hotel is going upscale, as it undergoes some renovations and a name change to The London. So what's to come for our favorite pastel-and-neon weho hotel:

Irish designer David Collins will oversee the new interior deisign as will luxury bath purveyor, Waterworks. British chef Gordon Ramsay will be the chef behind two new restaurants within the hotel. A Golden Door spa will open in there as well, its first urban location, and the hotel will contract the services of Quintessentially, a global concierge firm to handle all guest requests.And if you see Brenda there, tell her we loved her in Satan's School for Girls.