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Curbed LA Pricechopper: Lipetz Still Needs Your Love

Way, way back in April, we noticed Raphael Soriano's first residential commission, the Lipetz House was on the market for the first time since 1940. Our property guru later pointed out that the asking price of $1,195,000 seemed a bit inflated for what was essentially a fixer upper and would require at least another $300k to "make it right." Well now it was pointed out to us that not only is the house still for sale, its got a new broker (goodbye Mossler and Doe, hello Coldwell Banker) and the price has been reduced (slightly) to $1,175,000. still not the kind of reduction that makes up for all that deferred maintenance, cottage cheese walls, and 1950's lava rock wall facade but still a bargain for a house immortalized by Julius Shulman.
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