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We Can't Believe This URL Wasn't Taken Until Now.

The residents of Glencoe Way in Hollywood are mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore. What has pissed them off? The usual suspects like some sort of NIMBYish reaction to a new homeless shelter or a horrible faux-tuscan mcmansion, or god forbid, a garagemajal? Nope, its potholes. Giant, gaping potholes. And lke most angry citizens today, they're taking their fight to the Internets. doesn't just offer photographic evidence of the street's condition. You can also help them out by writing a letter to the mayor on their behalf and - this is our favorite part - watch a video documenting the potholes. More like a first year film student's stab at capturing the panting, creepy walk of a serial killer than the cinema verite realism of a John Cassavetes, the citizen activists of Glencoe Way film every crack and hole on the street. As they explain:

The City of Los Angeles has made promises to pave, and excuses as to why they won't pave our little street, Glencoe Way over the past 10 or so years. We realize that this dead-end street off Camrose, by the Hollywood Bowl is not a high priority -- but the condition of the street continues to deteriorate -- year after year. At some point if the potholes get big enough we might end up with a hole in the ground that meets the Red Line subway tunnel.

Every once in a while they come out and fill in a few potholes -- they also "throw the asphalt bag" into the mix too -- the street is just a bumpy mess of patches and potholes.

Sure the video of the street potholes is boring - but just maybe, if readers visit the site and email the city, something might actually get accomplished.

Bless their hearts, we're touched. And suckers for Red Line jokes, although if they're next to the Bowl, we're all for a tunnel from the Red Line.