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Rumblings & Bumblings: Dog Days of Summer

Some good stuff this week from your curious friends and neighbors. Feel free to email us your answers or leave a comment. All questions and concerns should of course be directed to our inbox at Play nice!

1) Hollywood: Mmm...Panda flavored coffee. "Last month I saw what looked like a soil test drilling taking place at the northwest corner of Highland and DeLongpre - the former site of a car wash/oil change and a Panda Coffee stop. Yesterday (Sunday) I noticed that some demo was underway at that site. Any news on what is planned?"

2) North Hollywood: Now where will we get our shrubs? "I was in the Valley this weekend and was surprised to see that Steven's Nursery on Riverside was closing...Does anyone know why or shall we just assume that yet another gargantuan Tuscan-themed apartment building (with gargantuan sized rents) is going up? Anyone wanting some discounted plants better hurry."

3) Silver Lake: Rotten to the Kor? "I'm wondering what's up with the construction on the west side of Myra in Silver Lake, directly across the street from the new KOR Sunset Silver Lake Lofts currently under construction. I drive by everyday, and its definitely part of the same construction unit, but it's not included on the Sunset Silver Lake site plans. Are these units KOR is holding back or something else? Thanks."

4) Larchmont: Maybe a foodie can answer this. "I looked around online and can't find any info regarding the former House restaurant location. I live down the street, on Melrose, and there was a sign for about a year that said, "Restaurant Space for Rent." Now the building is getting a fresh paint job and the sign is gone. Anybody know what's going to be put here? It's about a block away from the Larchmont Lofts."

5) Mid-Wilshire: Hey, whadya know. Another smell question. "Why does it always smell like rotten eggs next to the Dollar Store at the corner of Fairfax and 6th. Everytime I drive East on 6th and stop at that light it smells like rotten eggs. I can't imagine what it must be like for the duplexes behind it. It has smelled like that for years."

Image of Fairfax and 6th from Flickr user justastranger