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Nun House in Eagle Rock for Sale

Feel good house story of the week. A nun, her friend, and their house in Eagle Rock. And Audrey Hepburn, too! From LottaLiving, we get word that the home of Marie-Louise Habets, a Roman Catholic Nun and inspiration for the book The Nun's Story, which became a movie starring Audrey Hepburn, is now for sale. The book was written by Mary-Louise's friend and housemate, Kathryn Hulme. The story goes something like this:

[Mary Louise] gives up her vows and leaves the Sisterhood feeling her call to duty outside the order of the Nun’s... a wanderlust, Protestant, American writer (Kathryn) meets a Belgium ex-nun, nurse in Wildflecken (Wild Place) in the Northeast Bavarian Alps during a mission to help almost 22,000 displaced persons in camps, mainly of Polish background, [and] put their lives together after WWII. In 1951, they sailed from Rotterdam and arrived in the United States. In December of 1952, they bought a house together on a hill overlooking Pasadena and Eagle Rock strangely enough on a street named Wildwood. After they settled in Eagle Rock, Kathryn writes the story of her friend Marie-Louise Habets’ years as a Nun. The book becomes a best seller and an Award Winning movie starring Audrey Hepburn. After this book, Kathryn goes on to write 6 more books and Marie-Louise becomes Audrey Hepburn’s personal nurse after Ms. Heburn suffers a near fatal horse riding accident on the set of the 1960’s film "Unforgiven".

Today the house is being offered for sale through ReMax agent Cherryl Weaver ('Leave it to Weaver') for a healthy price of $899,000. The home features 2 beds and 1 1/2 baths, on a 26,140 SF lot. Very secluded. Some jerk will probably tear it down.
· 1430 Wildwood Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90041 [ReMAX]
· Eagle Rock, CA "Nun's Story" house for sale [LottaLiving]