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Rosendahl: Stop Your Conversions

There's a joke among us planner types that if you want to work in Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office you just have to be able to spell the word "No." No, no, no. Or "Non" if you're a French person. So goes it on the Westside where the Councilman has thrown a big fat "NO" to condo conversions in his district. The Venice Paper reported that today Councilman Rosendahl introduced a motion calling for a one-year moratorium on condo-conversions.

“Currently we’re under siege in our area by condo conversions,” said Cris Gabriel of local grassroots group POWER whose leadership supports the moratorium.

“We’ve seen children displaced from schools because affordable housing apartments have been demolished and replaced by condos. We’ve seen schools lose money because children have had to move to South Los Angeles because they haven’t been able to find a place to live in the 11th district. What we have, we need to preserve and this condo conversion moratorium is a step in the right direction.”

Save the children!! The beautiful, precious children. And the polar bears, too. Arghh. Of course, we're playing devil's advocate - and by devil we mean developer. The motion is expected to be reviewed and maybe approved by the full-council sometime in the fall.
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