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Stuff Gets Blown Up. New Stuff Built.

Our good pal Zach at LAist reminds us that over the weekend the big news was the implosion/explosion of the Pacific Trade Center in San Pedro. It's all part of the grand scheme to make the rotting pieces of San Pedro into something more acceptable. Until then, we'll continue to hold that portion of the city at arms length - quite literally we might add.

In its place, developers are proposing to construct Vue - a 318 unit, 16 story glassy type condo development adjacent to Old Town San Pedro. Via WREB:

Amenities include a landscaped courtyard designed around a pool with private cabanas, a rooftop sky deck on the 16th floor, a lounge, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a Yoga and Pilates studio, a controlled access system and a five-story parking structure with parking for 725 vehicles. Each unit is designed to include private terraces and balconies to take advantage of the amazing views. Of course no good building goes unpunished. Harbor area based news-rag Random Lengths takes the project to task for being "too Long Beach" and having ties to the Carlyle Group (they're a co-developer). As you might recall, Carlyle has those tenuous relations with the Bushes and Bin Ladens, which might make sense since the project will have some excellent views of oil tankers floating in and out of the port.
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