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Pinkberry Fools Ruining A Good Thing

That entire cupcake trend seems to have passed us by and we were no worse for having missed it. However, LA's newest trend, Pinkberry Yogurt has thrown one WeHo neighborhood into chaos and is about to spread city wide, threatening all of us. The WeHo News reports that Pinkberry's single location on Huntley Drive has been overrun by yogurt eating fools who are littering all over the place and creating traffic nightmares for neighbors.

Roughly eight months after Ms. Hwang opened her small shop in WeHo, the Pinkberry fanatics located her and word spread, bringing a deluge of business to a once quiet street corner. But because of that lack of parking for Pinkberry, neighbors found themselves unable to park on their own street, ran into congestion caused by double-parking, encircling the block or making Y-turns and other impediments and began to find refuse littering their yards each morning.

What's worse, the success of Pinkberry may be its very downfall, as the City is considering restricting its hours to appease the unhappy citizenry. The City has also increased parking enforcement around the store, with "the total number of tickets issued since March at the corner of Huntley and Santa Monica [approaching] four figures." Ms. Hwang believes the madness may end soon when six additional Pinkberry stores open within the next three months. Or maybe the madness will spread.
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